Starting a small business is a wonderful idea for anyone with the right product and concept underneath their belt. One aspect of opening the small business that you should consider is the costs of starting that business. It is always a good idea to have some of the money needed to open your business on hand. The more money that you have available to start the business, the easier it will be to obtain a loan. Financial institutions like are great alternatives for funding. They offer many different types of small business loans.


The 7(a) Loan Program is one such loan available. This is the traditional loan, and requirements for loan approval vary according to business type and size. This loan is the type that most small business owners want to apply for.

The Microloan is another type of loan that you might want to apply for when seeking funding for your business. This type of loan is made for a short period of time, and like the other types of loans available, there are different requirements you’ll need to meet for approval.

A Line-of-Credit Loan is also one to consider for your business funding. While not an actual loan since you deposit small sums of money into a bank account to use when it is needed, with the bank using this as collateral to grant you more money. This type of loan is very useful for many people. Using such a loan has its perks.


Angel Investments are becoming more popular with each passing year. Although not a type of loan every small business owner will be interested in, for many people they have aided in successful opening of their business. There are a lot of requirements or an Angel Investor, so evaluate this option carefully.

Befoe applying for a small business loan, it is a good idea to talk with a loan specialist so that you can better understand the different loans, their pros and cons, and the process for repaying the money borrowed. Look at interest rates and other terms associated with the type of loan you wish to use.

Keep in mind, also, that there are other types of loans that you might want to consider. Have you considered asking family or friends for help? Although they probably won’t be able to write you a $50,000 check, every penny counts. Payday loans for businesses are also available for those who have yet to establish themselves.